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We desperately need a barn. Help Raise The Barn by funding this community project.

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Nick Venetucci was at spring training for the Yankees.
His dream was to be a baseball player.
His dad wanted him to help run the family farm instead.
Like a dutiful, Italian son, Nick listened to his dad.
Over the next twenty years the
Venetucci Farm grew and grew:
sweet corn, asparagus, hogs.
And of course...
Nick saw children's eyes light up whenever they saw his truck
rumbling into town, brimming with fresh pumpkins.
This gave Nick an idea.
He started giving free pumpkins away to kids. Lots of them.
Up to 50,000 kids each year.
Nick continued running the farm into his 90's.
But as he aged, so did the farm.
And so did the barn.
And the pumpkins went away...
The Farm Today
But in 2006, the farm was saved
by the Pikes Peak Community Foundation.
Venetucci Farm once again started to grow:
asparagus, hogs and lots more. And, of course...
The pumpkins came back.
And so did the kids.
The Barn
But the barn never came back. The barn is the heart
and soul of the farm. Without a barn:
Animals face
harsh winters
Hay gets
Food struggles to
grow in unpredictable
spring weather.
Help raise the barn.
Venetucci is our community farm.
Lets make it thrive.